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%22Forever a Pack%22 18x24%22 oil on pan

Commissions are works of art I create while collaborating with a client to make a unique, custom painting. You can come to me with a pre-planned vision of what you're looking for, or if you're not sure, we can discuss some ideas and design a painting together!


Commissions can be a fun way to express your style and compliment a space in your home or office with something that's uniquely you! They can also be a way of honoring a beloved animal companion with a "Pet Portrait" and these make truly special gifts for friends and loved ones.

When time allows, I love accepting commissions! I have painted everything from 5" x 5" to 44" x 64" so there are little size restrictions. All paintings are done on flat or cradled wood panels, depending on the size. Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss a commission or if you have questions about the process. 

"Forever a Pack"- 18" x 24", 2021.

Haunted Overload- All Hallows Eve smaller copy.jpg

"All Hallows Eve- Haunted Overload" - 8" x 10", 2023.

_Greta_ 11x14_ oil on panel by Morgan Cameron Art.jpg


-We will discuss your vision for your commissioned piece via email and go over any ideas you may have. Even if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, choosing the type of animal you're interested in and the color scheme can go a long way in the creation process. 

-We'll then go over the sizing you're looking for and work out a quote and time estimate for the painting process. 

-A 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required once a painting has been agreed upon and the creation process begins.

-Once your painting is completed and you have approved the piece from a photo I will send you, the remaining balance will be required before shipment of the painting. 

"Greta"- 11" x 14", 2023.


- References: I mainly work from photographs. I have many resources for reference images and I will do my best to find ones that will best suit your vision. I will frequently even photoshop images together to make the unique scene you seek. If you have your own photo you wish for me to use, I'd be happy to use it as long as the image is clear and well lit so I may see details, especially if it's of a pet. I want to represent your pet as best I can and a good photo will help immensely!


*I am not currently taking commissions for human subjects. People are something I rarely paint and though I enjoy it and have done several human portraits, I don't feel consistently practiced enough to confidently commission one out.

-Shipping: Shipping is included with your quoted commission fee for paintings 36" x 36" or 30" x 40" and under within the US. The shipping cost for larger pieces and pieces shipped internationally will be determined once the painting is packaged, measured and weighed. We can discuss this estimated shipping fee before your painting is shipped. I use both USPS and UPS (depending on the painting size) and I will email you the tracking information once shipped. 

*I strive to package all my paintings very safely and have them insured. In the rare instances that a commission becomes lost or damaged in the shipping process, I will work with you to resolve the problem which may include me repairing the damage if possible, repainting the piece, or in some circumstances, refunding a portion of your original commission fee.*

-Painting StylesYou may choose from two different styles of paintings, one being my signature disrupted-realism style with looser marks and movement, and the other being a more simplified, traditional, realistic look without the bold abstractions. However, each piece will still have my own artistic flare and feel about them!

_Sigrid's Sunflower_ 6x6_ oil on panel by Morgan Cameron Art.jpg

"Sunflower- Sigrid Sibley Album Cover"- 6x6", 2023.

"Apex" - 16x16", 2023.

Through Wind and Fire by Morgan Cameron

"Through Wind and Fire" - 44" x 64", 2020.

"Spyder" - 8" x 10", 2019. 

More Commission Examples Over the Years
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I, the artist,  retain all rights to any and all artworks I produce.  It is unlawful to sell, reproduce, edit, alter, or share online my artwork without my permission and crediting me. Even if a client has provided me with the reference photo for a commission, I still retain the rights to use my images of my artwork in ways I see fit, including the selling of prints. 

  Please visit my CONTACT page to inquire about Commissioning  a painting! 

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