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Commission Dark Art for Your Spooky Business!

Catering to your horror, Halloween, gothic or fantasy business, Dark Hollow Arts wants to help you bring your vision to life with a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted work of art, that not only you can display on your wall or shop, but also use as your business's signature aesthetic for the season! 

Imagine having a unique, custom oil painting AS your Logo. Or an eye catching poster or T-shirt design in your merch shop, all while scratching your art collector itch!

A unique & beautifully dark, hand painted image will help your spooky business stand out from the rest. 

Check out examples & commission options below.

Official File and Edited for Printing smaller.jpg

Want something different than the usual digital logo? Perhaps something that feels a little more earthy & artsy? Do you want to see the juicy paint, texture & illusion of movement of a life-like creature crawling over your businesses name?  

I can work with you on designing a custom logo that's more of a work of art than just text & a symbol.


Or do you already have a logo you've been using for years & don't want to give it up, but just want to give it new life? As long as you own the rights, I can replicate your logo in a hand-painted version!  


The beloved Haunted Overload Logo given new life! 

LEFT: Original DIGITAL Version, 2014

RIGHT: New HAND-PAINTED Version, 2023

CENTER: New Banner with the new Painted Version & happy owner!

Statement by the owner Eric Lowther:

"I wanted to commission Morgan Cameron to replicate our digital logo with an oil painting. Morgan's style is perfect for this & there's nothing like the feel of a real, hand-painted work of art. 

The piece came out incredible & really shows off the look & feel we are trying to convey with our haunted attraction. We are located in the woods of NH & have a very natural & organic style, so this new logo fits perfectly."



Logo Painting


Merch & Posters

Looking for an epic merch design or eye catching poster for your event? 

Have a painting on a product as unique as your business! People will love taking a piece of your brand home with them while flaunting an artsy design!


Not only is it a walking advertisement for you, it will be a cherished item for years to come symbolizing their visit & love for your business! You want to make sure that love is reflected back by giving them something unique & darkly beautiful. A real work of art!

DHE Ad.jpg
MorganCameron-12252 copy.jpg

Commission Process, Options & Requirements

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*Prices are not listed here. Each piece will have specific pricing based on the size, complexity & product usage.

Note: If you wish to commission a personal painting NOT for business use, please visit my COMMISSIONS tab at the top of the page. 

1. Commissioning a Logo-style painting: 

I will quote you a price based on the design & size. You will receive the physical painting, plus an accurate, high resolution digital image emailed to you & ready to go!

I can replicate your logo & give it a fresh painterly look, or we can design a new one together. 

2. Commissioning a Merch Design: 

Similar to the process above, however, paintings made with marketing/merchandise purposes in mind require an extra step. If you are commissioning a painting & planning on selling merch with the design, there is an added fee for licensing. This will allow you to have your own custom work of art with your dream design, plus give your the rights to have it printed on all your wares & sold to your clients in endless quantity! You have the option of a one-time licensing fee, or a royalty percentage based on your sales. 

*Art Prints are excluded from this & NOT allowed as merch in your shop, as it can interfere with my own shop. Scroll to the bottom for copyright note.*

3. Licensing one of my already-made painting for use. 

Don't want to design a new painting because you already see something in my gallery you love? You just might be able to use it! Many of my art images in Dark Hollow Arts are available for an annual licensing use. 

4. Pitching me an idea that you could then license:

If you would like to license a work of mine vs. commissioning an entire painting, but I don't have quite what you're looking for, you may pitch me an idea! If it's something I like & think I could use in my studio shop, I may make the painting "for myself" & then you may license the use of it in your business endeavors. 

Doesn't hurt to try!


*The artist, Morgan Cameron, retains the Copyright to all her artwork, unless otherwise agreed upon. Any work she makes & sees fit for her own uses, she will use as such. This typically consists of selling prints of the work in her shop & sharing the image for personal marketing purposes. Logo works are highly unlikely to be sold as prints in shop. 

For each piece, a legally binding contract will be written up with specifics for your project.*

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