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Painting process of a commission "Tempted" 2023


My paintings usually highlight two different themes, one mainly focuses on animals and capturing a sense of movement and narrative through the captivating style of disrupted-realism. While the other explores the realms of darker, more haunting subject matters that reflect my own personality and other passions in the world of Haunts and Halloween! Animals are still significantly featured in this work as well and remain my favorite subjects to paint.


Living creatures are constantly moving and twitching in rhythm with the space around them and I strive to capture that movement in my work. This may be why I am drawn to looser forms and brushwork and have been since I was in college and first discovered the style. It's always been so captivating and expressive to me. The technique of painting less precise in some areas leaves room for improvisation during the creation process and can make gestures of ideas that the viewer can decipher as they wish. Life moves and pulses in unpredictable ways and takes on a rhythm of its own and that's what I aim to achieve in my work, a sense of life. I wish to assist the subject with the appearance of movement and to meld the forms to create something that feels united throughout the painting as a whole. Much of the time I use undefined backgrounds to create an atmosphere that's main objective is to vibrate around the subject matter and work with it harmoniously, making the background and the subject one united being. The abstracted markings help in leading one's eye around the piece, only to fall back into place on the main forms and repeat the cycle with new details to discover each time. The times that I do choose to include more information in my backgrounds, this ultimate goal still remains. I use several different tools to achieve this combination of realistic and abstract forms and I’m constantly trying to develop all their uses and possibilities, many of which are discovered during creation process itself.



I was born and raised in the small, rural town of Dover-Foxcroft, ME. My family has an old, multi-generational farm and growing up it was owned by my grandparents. They had many animals and lots of land and I spent most of my time outside with my pony, exploring the woods and fields. I loved drawing ever since I was young and horses were my favorite subject. I learned to observe the beautiful anatomy and movements of the animal and how to capture their essence on paper. Eventually I would discover painting and this sent me on the path I'm still on today. I now live in Gray, ME with my husband and our dog, Alpine.

Though I am a lover of all animals and paint a large variety, horses remain one of my favorite subjects to paint and is something I will always go back to. I grew up watching old Western movies with my grandfather and pretending I was a cowgirl (if not a horse myself) for much of my childhood. I was also lucky enough to live in a town that had a local Equestrian-Theater/ Dressage Farm where I was surrounded by many other things that I loved: magic, music, costumes, and creative people! It was very inspiring. I worked on various farms as a teenager and had considered farm life as a career, but ultimately my love of art and creating drove me to go to art school, first attending the University of Maine, Orono as a Painting Major, then transferring to The Lyme Academy of Fine Art. After my second year however, I left school and married my Pianist/Composer high-school sweetheart and we've spent our years traveling and growing artistically together and have settled back in our home state of Maine. 

I first began showing my work professionally, back in 2012, at local art festivals in New Orleans, where we lived for 2 years. This connected me to my first art gallery, Tripolo Gallery. I have since had my art shown across the country in LA, ME, CA, NY and CO. My work is currently being represented by Abend Gallery in Denver, CO, Moss Galleries in Falmouth, ME and Equis Art Gallery in Redhook, NY.

Aside from art, I have several other creative outlets. I play music with my husband and father in our family band, The Northern Grey. I also make handcrafted costume pieces and dark art for my Etsy shop: Dark Hollow Arts. Halloween is my favorite time of year and I enjoy spending a much of my creative energy making each Halloween season as festive and memorable as possible! To do this, I work throughout the whole year at one of my favorite places on earth, Haunted Overload in Lee, NH, where I help build props and sets and "haunt" there as an actor during October. In 2023, I even travelled to the midwest to the Transworld Halloween Convention to give a building seminar with some of the haunt crew. I even tried my hand at creating a little home haunt of my own in 2021! You can follow my dark art on instagram at: @darkhollowarts and other haunt passions at: @darkhollowhaunt

When I can, I enjoy participating in selling my creative works at local Art Markets/Festivals where I really get to immerse myself in the art world and interact with other artists and people who love it as much as me! Outside of the creative, I am a certified dog trainer and spent years walking and working with dogs. However, since moving to Maine in 2019, I've found myself dedicating most of my time to my art career and getting to know the local art community by working part-time at Moss Galleries. Though art keeps me very busy, I still find ways to surround myself with animals regularly and keep the passion to paint them alive, as well as nourish my soul.

HO chainsaw day vs night.jpg

Day & night work at Haunted Overload!


A glimpse into my studio

Publications/Features/ Awards/ Competitions 

Featured Images & Articles Below

2022- Featured in an ad for Moss Galleries in Downeast Magazine.


2022- Awarded Top Dog in Artists Network "2nd Annual Best in Show Pets Art Competition" featuring piece, "Forever a Pack":

%22Forever a Pack%22 18x24%22 oil on panel by Morgan Cameron Art.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 5.10.51 PM.png

2022- The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Common Ground Country Fair in Unity Maine, poster contest winner with colored pencil piece "Raven and Blackberries":

Both artist and poster were featured in the Bangor Daily News, the Piscataquis Observer, and WABI TV 5 News. The article and video news clip can be viewed in the links below:


2021- Southwest Art Magazine, "21 Under 31." Featured as one of the 21 up-in-coming artists under the age of 31 to "watch for" in the art world!

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 1.05.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 1.05.38 PM.png

2021- Album cover for The Mallett Brothers Band album, "Gold Light"- July 4th 2021. Bison painting, "Of What Remains," was the pieces selected for the cover. The album art was also featured on the Three Rivers Bissell Brothers Brewing Company brew can "Gold Light" for the release of the album.


2021- Featured Artist in Lavender Fields Online Magazine, February 2021 issue.

Lavender Fields Online Magazine 2021 .jpg

2020- Featured in Southwest Art Magazine with the Artistic Excellence Annual Competition, as an Honorable Mention Finalist. Piece to be featured: "Backcountry Cowhand."

Southwest Art Magazine-  Artistic Excellence 2020 Honorable Mention .jpg

2020- Featured in Sidelines Magazine, a prominent Equine Magazine. Article titled: "Finding Home in Life and Art, " written by Shya Beth, founder of Art of the Horse.

Sidelines Magazine.jpg

2019- Album cover for Clifford Cameron's music album "Katahdin" featuring The Alpine Ensemble.

Western Art Collector first online feature 2020.jpg

2020- Featured as "Emerging Artist" in the online article with Western Art Collector Magazine. The painting "The Sorrel," is depicted with Artist feature in correlation with Abend Gallery.

Katahdin Album Cover border copy.jpg

2019- "Theater Horse #4" was specially requested by the Equus Film Festival for their Maryland poster as apart of their Nationwide tour in 2019. 


2014- "Ahead of the Pack," oil painting selected from competition as  the poster for the Harvest Cup Polo Classic by The Junior League of Greater Covington, LA. The painting and artist was featured in an edition of Inside Northside Magazine and in several local papers. 

Polo painting.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 11.31.40 AM.png
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